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Trash to DOPE: NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys

The NHL has released their Reverse Retro series of jerseys. Most teams came out swinging pretty hard. But when you swing for the fences, you can strike out, or you can hit it out of the park. Here’s my Trash to DOPE ranking of the NHL Reverse Retro jerseys.

(All photos courtesy of the twitter page of the NHL)


Red Wings

This is a practice jersey. They could have simply gone with a Winter Classic Jersey from years past. But no, they threw their normal logo on a white jersey and two grey stripes and called it a day. Hands down the worst one.


Another team with a lack of effort. There’s virtually no difference between this and their everyday jersey. Even their fisherman style logo would've been more fun.


This is not trash due to a lack of effort. Just… these colours, they don’t mix well. They had some cool options with powder blue available as well. Sad.



Just a slightly boring concept. Also the silver and yellow contrast has never looked all that pretty. Would’ve been interesting to incorporate a more solid navy blue jersey if they were looking for something different.


I don’t mind the logo, but there’s a lack of detail on other parts of the jersey. Just seems like there’s a little something missing. Reminds me of the good ol’ Marek Malik days, though, which is fun.


My favourite team could’ve easily gone with an homage to the St. Pats days. Instead they put grey on the jersey, which just seems wrong.


An interesting take on the gradient style jerseys they used to rock, but I think they would’ve looked better without the gradient. I’m sure some people like it.

Golden Knights

I mean, there isn’t much history to draw from for the Golden Knights, but there are enough red teams in the NHL that they didn’t have to go there. The logo is kinda ugly too.



I think they went out on a limb with their logo choice, and I commend them for that. It’s not the best looking logo, but at least they incorporated everyone’s favourite Ducks colour scheme.


Again, some hate for the logo choice, and I’ll somewhat agree, but these jerseys just look clean as hell. They’re not boring but they don’t stand out.

Blue Jackets

Not much history to build upon here, but again, not sure why they went with the red. They certainly pop, and there’s plenty of interesting detail, but the red is unnecessary.


These are nostalgic, they remind me of the good ol’ days when Panthers fans would throw rats on the ice for whatever reason. Nothing too interesting but nothing bad either. The white on the sleeves looks a little out of place.


Love the colours; they’re unique to the NHL, and they pop out when you see them together. Would’ve been cool to incorporate the North Stars logo if they’re gonna use the colours anyways.


Slightly boring, as they simply reversed the colours of their main jerseys from black to red. Still looks pretty solid but nothing to write home about.


I like them, but I don’t like the idea that they kinda just stole the Rangers’ lettering style. The colours are great, and of course they remind me of Mario and Jagr.


They are nostalgic, but they simply look worse than Tampa’s current jerseys. They’re not bad, just worse than what Tampa has going on right now.


Man, they missed a great opportunity here. I like the logo, but they could’ve gone with the black Ovechkin-scoring-while-rolling-on-his-back edition jerseys, but they had to make them red. Wow, it really sounds like I hate red jerseys.


Not sure why a lot of teams involved grey in their jerseys for this, but it doesn’t seem to fit well with these. Another missed opportunity to include powder blue or the classic red and blue from years passed.



Man, these are nice. Everything from the logo to the bright yellow main colours stands out, in a good way. Would’ve been interesting to use the bear as their main logo


Love the ode to the Whalers franchise and logo. That’s the only reason they’re here in the good category. Again, why the grey? We’ll never know.


Easy way to make Arlen happy: use black as your main jersey colour. These could be termed as boring but they just have such a nice classic logo and black looks great on a backdrop of white ice.


These, like the Sabres jerseys, look clean. They didn’t take as big of a chance with a logo change, and I think it paid off.


I might get some heat for not putting these in the DOPE category because they are pretty cool. I just don’t think the chevy-style logo they used is as cool as the crown that they usually use for this colour scheme. Pretty inventive and I appreciate the innovation here, I just don’t think it works as well as some people think.


I love the Christmas colours on these jerseys, always have. I’m sure some others disagree but I have some weird voodoo magic connection to these, and I can’t shake it. They’re sweet.


Hard to argue against the franchise with arguably the best jerseys year after year. But they slightly missed the mark here with the use of grey again. Still, the logo and teal colour use keeps them in the good category.


I didn’t like these at first. I was confused about why they are purple. But damn, they’ve grown on me. I appreciate the detail near the bottom, the cactuses look awesome. I’d buy these if I wasn’t a broke writer. They are just oddly unique.


Love the idea. Love the giant star borders around the entire jersey. But I’m gonna say it: why are they grey!? Could’ve easily chosen with forest green or black or even gold!


Another colour that just pops on the ice is Flyers orange. Unlike others, I enjoy the odd designs on the shoulders and triceps. They stand out, in a good way.


I almost put these in the DOPE category but I think the Habs could’ve chosen white jerseys with a blue or red stripe instead. Just personal preference, but these are cool nonetheless.



I’ve seen the tweets; a lot of people refuse to accept that the Flames could rock a black jersey. Especially with a horse on it. But damn, these are DOPE! Black looks great, the logo looks great, red and yellow really stand out in contrast with black. I wouldn’t change a thing about these.


These jerseys win. They pay homage to the Nordiques. They keep mainly Avalanche colours. They include awesome details like the Fleur de Lis at the bottom. This is exactly what I think the NHL was setting out to do when they announced the Reverse Retro series. An homage to the past with a modern twist, and the Avalanche blew me away with this jersey. Best one hands down.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favourite is or leave a comment or subscribe if you want to.

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